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Property or valuation information


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If you want to buy property in Suriname, there is a lot involved. We have more than 20 years experience and know the local market very well.

You can view the property yourself and conduct the negotiations, without having to call in an expert. But when you decide to purchase property without professional advice, this can lead to many risks and lead to buying the proverbial 'pig in a poke'.


In summary, we can do a lot for you if you are accompanied by a sworn and internationally certified Realtor.


When you are considering selling your property, you can always contact us without obligation. You can then discuss in detail with us the value of your property and the possibilities that we can offer as a realtor, in order to achieve the highest possible selling price, with the most favorable conditions for you.


Feel free to contact us to inform you about what you can expect from us if we sell your property.



The value of the property is determined by a sworn and internationally certified Appraiser. Objectivity is always central to our valuations. You do not have to doubt that. Why would you choose us right now? The reason is simple: you set high demands on quality.

Our Appraisers are carefully trained and have insight and market knowledge. We therefore work exclusively with internationally recognized valuation methods. Objectivity is paramount. For you it means that you can count on a very high-quality and reliable service.


You can require a valuation report as a client in different situations:

• financing purchased property;

• a purchase decision;

• divorce;

• inheritance law;

• company financial statements;

• valuation of reconstruction value of home insurance.


We value a diversity of real estate. From homes, offices, to land and industrial complexes. We have insight in all markets.

After we have received your appraisal order, our Appraiser will conduct legal research into the details of the property, the easements, etc. The real estate is extensively recorded and inspected. The Appraiser then makes an inventory of all information to establish a real and market-based value. The findings of our Appraiser will result in the valuation report.


Do you need a reliable valuation? Enable more than 20 years of expertise  with international experience. Inform about the possibilities without obligation.



Build, buy or sell. Ownership, leasehold, land rent or project development. If you are involved in real estate, you are regularly confronted with legal issues. We know the rules and compare them with your situation.

Real estate transactions are subject to a lot of laws and regulations, which are regularly updated and modified. Having the right legal expertise quickly is an absolute advantage. You can call on our legal expertise at any time. Our Legal Advisor (LLM) will advise and assist you during the various phases of your real estate transaction, and will also be happy to review your file to advise you where necessary.



Strategic moments occur in the life cycle of each company. The direction you take at that intersection is crucial. We can help you make the right choices with our specific knowledge at your strategic moment, coupled with our knowledge of your sector.

Together we reduce complex issues to their essence. Change something in the core and everything changes. We dare. We do it together with you. Just do it without many expensive words. Start small, experience opportunities, celebrate the first successes. We master the art of making things simple. From there we will continue working and on the way we will test, adjust and adjust again and again. Until the result is there, or much better, until it is used. We change step by step. We change together. We create tangible progress.


Property valuation

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